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Repurpose. Rejoin. Realize. Reinvent.

Did you know? Only 21% of our contract drivers have prior courier/gig experience.

Whether you're looking to repurpose your current line of work, rejoin the workforce, realize a rewarding career, or completely reinvent yourself, we're happy to help you on the journey.

Ready to start earning with your full-size SUV, minivan, or cargo van?

Text "apply" to 866-401-1683


Health Above All Else

It's more than a motto - it's our promise to you

Flexible Work Schedule


Be your own boss and drive on a set schedule or whenever it works for you.

Weekly Commission Payments


You'll have opportunities to earn a weekly income that matches your desired lifestyle and goals.

Award-Winning Workplace


Recognized as a Top Workplace with dedicated advisors and an extensive orientation program.

Multisize Vehicle


We welcome vehicles of all sizes including cars, full-size SUVs, minivans, cargo vans, sprinters, and box trucks.

Health & Wellness


Medical, dental, and vision insurance options are available for you and your family through a third-party.

Discounted Services


Keep more money in your pocket; includes automotive, legal, financial, and other services through a third-party.

What type of vehicle do you plan to use?

Independent contractor drivers use their own personal or business vehicles to provide services for NOW Courier's customers.

Full-size SUVs.png
Cargo Van & Sprinters.png

Don't own one of those vehicles?

Although large vehicles are typically preferred for NOW Courier customers, cars and box trucks are sometimes required, as detailed in each opportunity description.

Full-size SUVs

Qualified full-size SUVs must have at least 120 cubic feet of cargo space.

Full-size SUVs like the Chevrolet Suburban, Ford Expedition MAX, and GMC Yukon are excellent for delivery drivers, offering extensive cargo space for larger items and powerful engines for heavy loads. Their capability to navigate different terrains and weather conditions ensures reliability. Comfortable seating also helps reduce driver fatigue, making these SUVs a practical and comfortable option for extensive driving.

Full-size SUVs.png
Full-size SUVs


Minivans are ideal for delivery drivers due to their spacious interiors and adjustable seating that can create extra cargo space. They offer a smooth ride and are fuel-efficient, beneficial for long hours on the road. Additionally, their lower loading heights simplify loading and unloading, increasing convenience and reducing physical strain for drivers.


Cargo Vans

Cargo vans are perfect for delivery drivers, featuring large, customizable cargo spaces tailored for transporting various goods. Their sturdy construction and powerful engines handle heavy loads effortlessly, while enclosed cargo areas secure valuable items. The practical design, with high roofs and large rear doors, simplifies loading and unloading, making cargo vans a top choice for efficient and secure deliveries.

Cargo Van & Sprinters.png
Cargo Van/Sprinters

Ready to kick off your new gig?

Here's what you'll need to begin.

Possess a passion for helping others

Empathy. Drive. Agility. Reliability. These are the values that guide what we do, why we deliver, and who we contract. We want people who are accepting of others, passionate for our mission, able to adjust readily, and always maintain a professional demeanor.

Reside close to a NOW Courier hub

NOW Courier serves the entire state of Indiana and extends into Cincinnati and Louisville. To best serve our customers, we recommend that applicants live within one hour of our hubs in Indianapolis, Merrillville, Fort Wayne, South Bend, Evansville, IN, and Louisville, KY.

Possess commercial or business-use vehicle insurance

Due to the nature of the freight we transport, all vehicles must be covered by a commercial auto insurance policy with a minimum of $300,000 in combined single-limit coverage. If you choose a personal insurance policy, it must also meet this limit and explicitly state that your vehicle is insured for "business use." We also provide assistance in accessing affordable insurance plans through a third-party provider.

Agree to a driver screen

Given the industries we serve, all applicants are subject to a driver screening process that evaluates your driving history, a criminal background check, and a substance abuse test.

Leverage a business mindset

Independent contract drivers are self-managed business owners. They supply their own equipment, manage cash flow and business finances, pay taxes, handle the maintenance and legal aspects of their business, and understand that upfront and ongoing business investments will likely be needed.


Please refer to the FAQ section for a complete list of requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I don't find any opportunities that match my interests, what should I do next?
    Keep checking our available opportunities, as new ones frequently become available.
  • What does it mean to be an independent contractor?
    Independent contractors are individuals or entities that provide services under a specific contract. Unlike regular employees, they do not have steady employment but operate on an assignment-to-assignment basis. They are self-managed, supply their own equipment, and often serve multiple customers. Independent contractors are responsible for their own taxes and do not receive employee benefits. It is essential to adhere to IRS regulations and other legal obligations when functioning as an independent contractor. Thus, seeking advice from a tax or legal expert is strongly recommended to ensure compliance and understanding.
  • What are the qualifications needed to become an independent contractor?
    Possess or lease a vehicle capable of passing a third-party multi-point inspection. You must be at least 21 years old. You must own a smartphone compatible with our driver app. Maintain a valid driving license and commercial insurance coverage, with at least $300,000 in combined single limit liability. If using a personal policy, it must meet the same limit and explicitly cover your vehicle for “business use.” Complete an extensive driver screening process, including assessments of your driving record, a criminal background check, and a substance abuse test.
  • What type of deliveries can I expect to make?
    The nature of your deliveries is typically determined by the type of work involved and the size of your vehicle. Generally, larger vehicles tend to carry larger cargo. We cater to a vast array of industries through our numerous customers, and while this is not an exhaustive list, your deliveries may include items such as medical supplies, documents, pharmaceuticals, payrolls, bank bags, e-commerce goods, library media, and pre-made meals.
  • Where are my deliveries headed?
    We provide delivery services to both commercial and residential locations.
  • What could be my potential earnings as a contract delivery driver?
    Your potential earnings as an independent contractor can vary. They are typically influenced by the size of your vehicle, as larger vehicles can carry more cargo and offer greater earning potential. Your earnings also depend on how often you are available to work and your willingness to operate in different geographical areas. Additionally, the specific customers you service can provide opportunities for higher earnings. For detailed information, please check the specific opportunity you have applied for.
  • How far am I expected to drive?
    As an independent contractor, you could be required to travel considerable distances daily, depending on the needs of the customers you serve. You have the option to accept or reject assignments based on the amount of travel required. For detailed information, please check the specific opportunity you have applied for.
  • What financial obligations are typically part of being an independent contractor with NOW Courier?
    The specific expenditures for an independent contractor can differ based on the field of work, geographical location, and particular business setup. For an independent contractor role with NOW Courier, monetary commitments may involve, but are not limited to: Initial Vehicle inspection (varies) Openforce setup: $10 (deducted from first settlement) Weekly Software licensing agreement (our platform): $6.25 Openforce settlement processing: $5 Cargo insurance ($500k)*: $6 Occupational accident insurance*: Vehicle below 15K GVW: $15 Vehicle above 15K GVW: $16.62 *Contractors must obtain cargo and occupational accident insurance, either through a third-party associated with NOW Courier or individually.
  • Is a CDL license required?
    NOW Courier generally does not require a CDL for most independent contractors. Please check the online opportunity posting for further details and requirements.
  • In which geographical locations are there opportunities for independent contractors?
    We serve the entire state of Indiana and extend into Cincinnati and Louisville. To best serve our customers, we recommend that applicants live within one hour of our hubs in Indianapolis, Merrillville, Fort Wayne, South Bend, Evansville, IN, and Louisville, KY.
  • What are the available working hours?
    Based on your vehicle size and preferences, we provide a variety of work options, including on-demand, routed, and dedicated, each with its distinct features. For those seeking maximum scheduling flexibility, on-demand is an excellent choice. However, if you are aiming for higher earning potential, routed and dedicated work is ideal, though it might necessitate a full day's commitment.
  • What is the minimum age requirement for vehicles?
    We do not set age restrictions on vehicles, provided they can pass a third-party multi-point inspection.
  • Do independent contractors cover their own fuel costs?
    As independent business owners, contractors are responsible for their own fuel expenses. However, certain opportunities include a "fuel surcharge" that is added to a contractor’s weekly settlement to help offset fuel costs.

Does my large SUV qualify?

Due to the size and nature of our customer freight, you will need one of the specified vehicles to adequately service NOW Courier's customers. If you do not have one, you are unable to meet the required service standards.

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